Kurupt Hits Big Screen, Talks Lisa Lopes Album, Tha Row

Rapper puts music aside for roles on big screen and as senior VP of Tha Row.

Don't look for lyrical assassin Kurupt to be shooting off at the mouth on his own album anytime soon. He's focusing on his acting career and helping Suge Knight put out some long-discussed releases from Tha Row.

"Right now I'm just sitting behind that desk, I'm planning on chilling out for a little bit," he said last week, via phone from Los Angeles. "I'm going to concentrate on these movies and running this company side by side with Suge. I'm the Senior Vice President of Death Row.

"We're patching up Crooked I's album right now," he continued. "The first release is going to be Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez's album (see [article id="1457328"]"Suge Knight Plans To Release Left Eye's 'N.I.N.A.' LP"[/article]). The N.I.N.A. album, that's the first record we are going to release from the company."

Kurupt said Suge is going to have the final decision on the album's title. He wasn't sure of the LP's release date because Missy Elliott and 'NSYNC were still adding guest vocals to tracks ("We just really waiting on those last two records before we lock down the album and call it complete," he said). He was certain, however, that the first single was called "Untouchable."

"The first single is basically Tupac and Lisa," Kurupt revealed. "All Lisa wanted was a record with Pac. She loved Pac. They were real close friends. And we brought that dream to life. We felt it was only right that the first release on this record is in dedication to the two fallen soldiers from our company."

Another song off the album Kurupt is excited about is "Friends."

"["Friends"] is really about a relationship with a girl and a boy, showing how they separated and how no matter what, the girl was with him," he said. "She is really sincere about herself with him. He's out there f---ing around. They break up and even through all this heartbreak and all this name-calling he was doing with her, she still accepted him back in the end. It's such a big record. Its what I would describe as a classic TLC record. This is like Lisa's 'Waterfalls.' It's so big."

Tha Row didn't want to make a big deal loading the long-anticipated album up with cameos.

"We kept it really closed circuit; we didn't want to Hollywood it out," Kurupt explained. "We just let certain people get involved into it. People that we know Lisa respected, business or musically-wise. Or you gotta be a friend of Lisa's. Missy was real close with Lisa, and Lisa loved some 'NSYNC, so we were definitely with that right there. But as far just loading it up with a gang of people to make a gang of noise, nah. We really want everybody to concentrate on Lisa. She was not for play. And when people hear this record, they are going to see a whole different side of Lisa rap-wise because she really put that pen to work."

When he gets a chance to get outside of the office, chances are you'll find him on the movie set. "Half Past Dead" (see [article id="1450133"]"Ja Rule Teaming Up With Steven Seagal For Action Film"[/article]), where he co-stars as Twitch with Steven Seagal, Morris Chestnut and Ja Rule hits theaters November 15. Meanwhile, he's filming "Two Cops" with Harrison Ford, Master P., Gladys Knight and Josh Hartnett (see [article id="1457762"]"Master P, Kurupt, Outkast's Dre Do 'Hollywood Homicide'"[/article]). That movie and "Dark Blue," where Kurupt shares screen time with Ving Rhames and Kurt Russell, are slated to drop in 2003.

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