Derek Zoolander Finally Landed His First 'Vogue' Cover

'So hot right now.'

It's almost time for New York Fashion Week to begin, which means it's also almost time for the release of "Zoolander 2." The conveniently timed debut for the film is most likely anything but unintentional, so it seems fitting that Ben Stiller (as Derek Zoolander) landed his first Vogue cover.

The cover story, shared with "Zoolander 2" co-star Penélope Cruz, reads as a profile of both Ben Stiller and his larger-than-life character Derek Zoolander. After over a decade, fictional supermodels Derek and Hans are back to dominate the fashion industry once again, perhaps unintentionally sparking more cultural trends like they did earlier with Blue Steel, a look that eerily foreshadowed the selfie-classic duck face pose.

"That look came out of me in the mirror at home, when I brush my hair or whatever,” Stiller said of the iconic pose. "I guess with the selfie culture, it’s just a natural extension. Did I have any idea that it would live on? No."



The photo spread is peak Zoolander, with Stiller dressing in Alexander Wang with Alexander Wang. The designer told Vogue, "People in fashion take themselves way too seriously most of the time. That’s what they got right."



Between giving a fictional character a highly-covetable cover and commissioning photos like this, which clearly poke fun at the world of high-fashion magazine spreads, Vogue proves that it doesn't take itself too seriously. At least not all of the time.

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