Taylor Bennett Connects With Big Brother Chance The Rapper On 'No One Outside'

From Bennett's new project, 'The American Reject'

Taylor Bennett gets his smooth touch from his big brother, Chance the Rapper. The two bring the family charm and easygoing charisma on their new collaboration, "No One Outside," which also features Bianca Shaw. As the two rap about prospective love, they paint a picture of a future with their partners that could last the length of a lifetime. It's adorable love that contains a reference to The Office. How could it possibly get any better?

This is a song solely about heart-eyed emojis and being excited for Valentine's Day. In this world ruled by Cupid, the Bennett brothers are making promises to the partners in their lives because they can. Taylor promises his woman a Volvo, and Chance says he'll follow his wife to her dreams because she'll take it there. Their rhymes are vulnerable and honest and they feel like they come from the heart.

Shaw, the first signee to Bennett's record label Tay Bennett Entertainment, provides soft vocals for the chorus that plead for affection. Taylor and Chance match her energy and provide just what she's looking for.

"No One Outside" appears on Bennett's new project The American Reject that's out today (May 28). The eight-track body of work features Ty Dolla $ign, Mr. Hudson, and more. In a recent interview with Lyrical Lemonade, Bennett revealed that the project is about "the acceptance and the idea of understanding, knowing, and discovering who you are."

Listen to the lovey-dovey world of "No One Outside" up above.