Jennifer Lawrence And Aziz Ansari Are The Two Best Friends That Anyone Could Have


Your friends are cool, but they're not Jennifer Lawrence-giving-Aziz Ansari-a-piggyback-ride cool. That's right. The Internet's favorite actress gave Tom Haverford a piggyback ride. And she did it in heels, because that's the kind of thing J Law can do.

After their pal Amy Schumer hosted "SNL" Saturday night, the pair hit up her (sure-to-be-hilarious) after party. And what's the best way to leave an after party? You guessed it. Piggyback.


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But their friendship transcends parties and piggybacks. Lawrence and Ansari recently collaborated with Schumer and Ansari's "Parks And Recreation" costar Chris Pratt on a comedic short film. "Hi Guys" stars Ansari and Pratt. Lawrence directed and Schumer served as director of photography. See the film below:

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