Watch Chris Pratt Deal With New Yorkers Who Think He's Really Chris Evans

"Billy on the Street" just proved that no one in New York knows who Chris Pratt is.

Ask any moviegoing individual, and they'll gladly tell you -- no one's had a bigger year in Hollywood than Chris Pratt. (Except for maybe Amy Schumer.)

But New Yorkers clearly don't get to the cinema as much as the rest of America, as Pratt found out the hard way when he visited his old "Parks and Recreation" buddy Billy Eichner for a round of "For a Dollar" on "Billy on the Street." The poor, hapless city-goers confused the "Jurassic World" star with everyone from "Liam" (huh) to a VH1 star (no) to -- perhaps most understandably -- Pratt's NFL buddy Chris Evans:

(We're in Hudson Square, Chris, if you want to meet some New Yorkers who know who TF you are and wouldn't mind an extra dollar.)