The 19 Best TV Couples Of 2014

Love is in the air - on television, anyway.

2014 was a beautiful year for love (and sex!) on television. There were breakups (sniff sniff, Joelia), makeups (Haleb!), babies, weddings, and enough shipper-feuds to fuel a World War III on Tumblr.

We don't want to focus on the negative, though -- or the highly shipped pairings that haven't managed to get their acts together yet -- so below find the 19 best TV couples that were actually together in 2014. (Sorry, Olicity.)

Diggle and Lyla, "Arrow"


Thank you, Diggle and Lyla, for giving us a glimmer of hope that love in Starling City can actually work out.

Booth and Brennan, "Bones"


Real people should not date their coworkers. But as Brennan and Booth (and several others on this list) have shown time and time again, it works out just fine when it's on television.

Castle and Beckett, "Castle"


Same goes for these two. They're in it for the long haul.

Ilana and Lincoln, "Broad City"


Ilana isn't exactly the best when it comes to commitment, but we still love watching her "purely sexual" relationship with the world's sweetest DDS, Lincoln. Here's to hoping these two crazy kids make it work in Season 2.

Connor and Oliver, "How to Get Away With Murder"


Connor can be a lying, cheating bastard, but these two have some of the hottest, most boundary-breaking sex on TV, so. Also, when they're playing nice they're completely adorable, and what nerd doesn't want to bag a dude like Connor?

Caleb and Hanna, "Pretty Little Liars"


Not even A -- or a short-lived spin-off -- could keep these two impeccably coiffed lovebirds apart. Hanna and Caleb are easy to root for since literally other "Liar" significant other has committed a major act of betrayal, so they were definitely a shoo-in for this list.

Alison and Donnie, "Orphan Black"


The couple that hides bodies together, stays together. And earns a spot on my "Best Couples" list. (Seriously though, who would have thought that Donnie Hendrix would be such a breakout character in Season 2? We even forgive the whole Monitor thing -- kind of.)

Oberyn and Ellaria, "Game of Thrones"


These two threw the hottest group sex parties in town -- and that's saying something, since the town in question is King's Landing.

Andy and April, "Parks and Recreation"


Only a couple as nontraditional and fun-loving as Andy and April can make a divorce seem like the coolest thing ever.

Clara and Danny, "Doctor Who"


Danny Pink -- you were the best P.E. teacher the "Doctor Who" fandom could have asked for. And these words are for you... only for you.

Jake and Olivia, "Scandal"


Their time in the sun may have been short, but damn was it sweet. (And really, really hot.)

Damon and Elena, "The Vampire Diaries"


Will they? Won't they? They will. They always will -- I mean, even erasing all of her positive memories of their time together couldn't erase her instinctual feelings for the dude. Delena are forever.

Regina and Robin Hood, "Once Upon a Time"


Sign us up for Operation Mongoose, because we think these two deserve their happy ending. Stay dead, Marian.

Mindy and Danny, "The Mindy Project"


So many people -- myself included -- were nervous about these two getting together. Boy, were we wrong -- Mindy and Danny hooking up has only made "Mindy" stronger. So many comedies have a hard time making couples work after the initial build-up, so it's a joy to watch a show succeed in writing a real, fun, interesting relationship. Is Danny a wish-fulfillment character? Sure! But that doesn't change the fact that we never want these two to break up.

Castiel and Dean, "Supernatural"


It's just so great seeing these two manly-men out and proud, doing their thing on television. Wait, what? They're not...? But... but... the subtext?

Philip and Elizabeth, "The Americans"


Sure, they didn't choose each other -- Mother Russia did that for them. But Philip and Elizabeth's love has begun to blossom over a decade into their relationship, and watching this fascinating, antihero couple (anti-couple?) try to raise their American children while literally committing murder and deceiving everybody else in their lives is one of the best things happening on television. And the wigs! Oh, the wigs.

Adam and Kristina, "Parenthood"


Through everything from career failures to cancer to heartbreaking setbacks with their autistic son, Adam and Kristina have weathered the storm, and they always come out stronger for it. Their love for each other and their children is an inspiration for us all -- you hear that, Joel and Julia?

Ben and Leslie, "Parks and Recreation"


Oh, Bleslie. (Len?) Watching you meet, fall in love, marry, have three children (all at once!) and eat waffles together has been one of the television highlights of this past decade. Never change.

Glenn and Maggie, "The Walking Dead"



If you didn't tear up when Glenn and Maggie found each other before their ill-advised stint at Terminus, then you're as inhuman as a Walker. Their relationship is easy to root for since it's set against the backdrop of the apocalypse, but still -- mad props for bringing joy and hope to the bleakest show on television.

What was your favorite TV couple of 2014? Did we leave anybody out? Vote in our poll below, and be sure to defend your choices in the comments!

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