Here Is The Superman/Captain America Crossover You've Always Wanted

Photographic proof that Henry Cavill and Chris Evans need to make beautiful movies together.

If Henry Cavill and Chris Evans were trying to give us powerful yearnings for a Man of Steel-meets-Captain America movie. then congratulations, gentlemen: You've succeeded, and then some.

Henry and Chris, otherwise known as Superman and Captain America, were together at the BAFTAs yesterday (February 8), where they presented the award for Best Actress to Julianne Moore. But what they were really doing, obviously, was posing for the picture that would launch a million fantasies of a Marvel/DC crossover flick.


Although they come from different universes, you just know that Clark Kent and Steve Rogers would totally bond over their shared enthusiasm for truth, justice, the American way, and of course, the delights of a well-tended beard.


Just look at that pic, and imagine that the guys are wearing their superhero outfits. Better yet, imagine that they were wearing their superhero outfits under their tuxes, and that immediately after the BAFTA ceremony, they ducked into an alley, tore off their formalwear, and ran off into the night to fight crime like best brofriends.

Meanwhile, a quick search through Getty image history shows that this isn't the first time Cap and Superman have met each other off-screen... or taken a photo that was clearly designed to give us ideas about a meeting of the franchises.

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YES. I want to believe... that a three-way mashup of Captain America, Superman, and "The X-Files" is finally going to happen.

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