Jay-Z Calls Jay Electronica 'A Student Of The Game'

While promoting his new book, 'Decoded,' Hov talks up latest Roc Nation signee.

Last week, [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] added another MC to his Roc Nation label roster when he [article id="1652203"]signed New Orleans-born rapper Jay Electronica[/article]. Electronica has been building major buzz over the past year thanks to tracks like "Exhibit A" and "Exhibit C," both of which became Internet sensations. While Electronica's approach to rap is quite different from Jay-Z's (relying on more esoteric production styles and vastly different flows), the label boss says that what drew him to his latest charge was his drive and passion for hip-hop.

"It's obvious that he really genuinely loves it and is a student of rap and the game," he said of Jay Electronica during a conversation with Sway about Hova's [article id="1652343"]new book "Decoded,"[/article] which hits stores on Tuesday (November 16). "You can't write those sort of songs or come to that sort of conclusion without having a deep love for what you're doing and a deep understanding and a deep drive."

Jay Electronica has clearly left an impression on Jay-Z, as the latter had a similar level of awe in his words when he introduced Electronica as his label's newest member during an event at New York's the Box on Friday night. "My whole goal is to reintroduce magic to hip-hop," Jigga said of Electronica. "We watched this wizard do his thing. Y'all supported him. And he's an official Roc Nation signee."

Electronica is the latest member of the Roc Nation empire that includes Jay himself, R&B superstar Rihanna and junior next big thing Willow Smith. Ready to take advantage of the announcement's buzz, [article id="1652279"]Electronica immediately released[/article] two new tracks, "The Announcement" over the weekend and "Shiny Suit Theory" featuring Jay-Z on Monday.

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