Ally Brooke Slays An Audition Beside Ricky Alvarez And Tyga In 'Low Key' Music Video

Key emojis are in the forecast 🔑

If Ally Brooke's debut solo music video for "Low Key" featuring Tyga is an audition for success, she's totally got the part.

The former Fifth Harmony member just released the dance-heavy visuals alongside her sultry debut single, which also dropped today (January 31). Flirty and fun, "Low Key" offers Brooke's long-standing fanbase a glimpse into the Latin-meets-urban-pop genre she's been mastering in the studio. And with the addition of Tyga, who's featured on "Like Mariah" off Fifth Harmony's 2015 album, Reflection, Brooke keeps things familiar while developing her own sound, too.

And just as Brooke reintroduces herself to the world, the "Low Key" video features the San Antonio native literally auditioning with some of the best choreography she's executed to date. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Brooke shares some major chemistry with her love interest, played by Ricky Alvarez, as she slays look after look in the video.

With a catchy chorus, an eye-catching video, and Tyga's and Alvarez's added star power, Brooke has everything she needs for "Low Key" to be a hit. Check it out (and sing the hook non-stop) yourself above.