Kristen Stewart: 'Twilight' 'Isn't Going Anywhere'

Even with 'Breaking Dawn' on the horizon, Stewart promises fans that 'Twilight' is far from over.

Dawn breaks for "Twilight" fans everywhere this Friday (November 16) when the final installment of the supernatural romance series hits theaters. But for star Kristen Stewart, the saga is already over -- well, almost.

Stewart and her co-stars attended the Los Angeles premiere of "Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" on Monday evening (November 12), bidding a fond farewell to the film series that transformed their lives over the last five years. But when Stewart spoke with MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz, she wasn't ready to say goodbye quite yet.

"Is it really?" Stewart laughed when Horowitz informed her that this would be her last-ever "Twilight" interview with MTV. "You're never going to ask me a 'Twilight' question again? I don't believe you."

Believe it or not, the finale is fast approaching, a fact that Stewart was more than aware of on her way to the "Breaking Dawn" premiere.

"I was breathing heavily. I was thinking about not breathing so heavily," she recalled of her limo ride to the red carpet. "I don't want to miss a second. I don't want a second where I'm nervous thinking about stupid things. We're having this experience tonight. It's pretty crazy. This is it. We're not going to hear this again."

As the final "Twilight" red carpet event, Stewart was faced with one last chance to speak directly to the fans at home. When asked if she had any words for the legions of Team Bella out there, she said, "I feel like I don't even need to say anything. I wish I could say hi to these people individually. It rarely happens, but when I can, it's amazing."

"We've shared this for four years," she added. "['Twilight'] isn't going anywhere. Don't shed a tear."

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