11 Body-Positive Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

These Instagrammers see beauty where the rest of us should.

In the age of Instagram, it's hard not compare ourselves to others -- especially when it comes to how we look. But for all the insecurities social media can provoke, it's also given us a platform to be proud of our bodies no matter what our size is.

The body-positive movement isn't about thin-shaming or encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle; it's about supporting everyone in their search for more self-esteem. These Instagram accounts do exactly that. They represent real people and their wins in the body image battle, and that deserves a huge YASSS.


When plus-size model Tess Holliday made headlines earlier this year, she had one clear message for her haters: #effyourbeautystandards. Now there's an entire account, run by Holliday and six "body posi babes," devoted to that message. Featuring a variety of pictures and memes, @effyourbeautystandards celebrates all women, from plus to pint size.


Run by twin Canadian girls, @positivebodyimage curates photos that inspire positivity and a healthy body image. Following them will not only encourage you to love your body but everything else about yourself, too.


Endangered Bodies is an initiative that advocates for positive change throughout the world when it comes to body image. Their #FatIsNotAFeeling campaign effectively got Facebook to remove the "feeling fat" emoji, and that alone is worth a follow for their Insta.


@alternativecurves celebrates curves, tattoos and fierce hair colors. The best part? They're all about reposting pictures of real women embracing their style preferences, bodies and themselves.


Featured on "America's Next Top Model," Chantelle Winnie wears her vitiligo with pride and reminds us all that body positivity isn't just about size. It's about valuing our imperfections and calling them what they are: beautiful.


Stacey Baker is the brilliance behind Citilegs, a photo blog showing off the lower half of real women. It reminds us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not in a thigh gap.


Healthy Is The New Skinny, founded by husband and wife Bradford and Katie Willcox, is a company that seeks to change the cultural conversation about weight and body size to one about health and self-love. Their Instagram affirms messages we all need to hear but too often fail to tell ourselves.


Leo Sheng is a transgender man who bravely and publicly documented his transition on social media. He was the first portrait Miley Cyrus took as a part of her #InstaPride series. Sheng is an example of the kind of body positivity that hasn't always been represented in the past, and that's awesome.


@honorcurves proudly displays one woman's journey of embracing her curves. The account features memes and musings that promote a body-positive message, and her sense of humor is as sharp as her sense of style is.


Our bodies are constantly changing, and all that changing can eventually come with some stretch marks. @loveyourlines accepts that reality with open arms and showcases these lines as a part of everyone's story.


Like the handle promises, @thebodyisnotanapology makes no apologies for anyone's body -- but it also addresses the misconception that the need for body positivity only applies to females. Their website stands for a broader, more diverse part of the movement. Following it will make you feel good about yourself AND humanity in general.