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This Is What It's Like To Freestyle At A Party With Justin Bieber

King Los and Justin volleyed rhymes one night.

We've had the collective pleasure of hearing Justin Bieber rap from time-to-time in recent years, mostly during radio appearances. But it turns out there's more: "He's an undercover freestyler."

This, according to King Los, who not only has witnessed it firsthand, but rapped with JB for an entire night.

"We're at this party, and we just start rapping at the party like the party doesn't even exist no more. We rap the entire party -- freestyling back-and-forth," explained Los, whose new album, God, Money, War, includes a feature from Justin's bud, Khalil, on "To Be Honest."

The two traded bars over Lil Wayne tracks and whatever else was blaring at the party. It's unclear whether or not the "Where R U Now" singer kept up with Los -- and that would be pretty tough, since the Baltimore rapper is an insanely talented freestyler -- but we do know one trick he used to try.

"Justin's not bad -- even though he made up a few words," Los laughed. "He's a great word creator! He made up some words and we were just laughing. It was fun."

He said he can whip the pop star into shape, though. "If people wanna rap, I'm the guy you should come see. I can put you together."

And, uh, he's not kidding. Just watch the absurd freestyle he did recently on "Sway in the Morning" for proof of Los' prowess off the top.

As for Justin... Since, sadly, none of us were at this party, we'll have to watch these rhymes from 2011 and let our imagination do the rest.