Katy Perry Says 'Firework' Is 'Teenage Dream''s 'Anthem'

'This could be one of those things where it's like, 'Yeah, I want to put my fist up and feel proud,' ' she tells MTV News.

[artist id="3274550"]Katy Perry[/artist] is a bit of a human firework -- sparkly, colorful and spontaneous -- so it's fitting that she would include a song called "Firework" on [article id="1638865"]her Teenage Dream album[/article], which has already spawned hits like [article id="1646038"]the title track[/article] and [article id="1646108"]"California Gurls."[/article]

"Firework," like Perry, is spunky and funky with unexpected moments, like when the orchestra kicks in. The track is sure to resonate with Perry fans who love when the singer gets real about boys and love and their electrifying power. The song also means a lot to Perry.

"I wanted to go in with Stargate, and I finished off with a couple of songs, one song called 'Firework,' which is probably my favorite song off the record," she told MTV News. "Like something I'm most proud of."

As much as she loves the song, fans and critics who have heard the track also think it's pretty powerful. "People are coming back and almost adopting it as their own anthem, and it's hard, I think, to write an anthem that's not cheesy," she explained. "And I hope that this could be something in that category. I hope this could be one of those things where it's like, 'Yeah, I want to put my fist up and feel proud and feel strong.'

"But I also don't want to be cheesy," she reiterated. "It's a fine line, and I think 'Firework' is a real, I guess, it would be like the opus or my one song -- if I had to pick a song to play -- 'cause it has a great beat. But it also has a fantastic message."

Have you heard "Firework" yet? Do you think it's Katy's anthem? Let us know in the comments!

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