Lil Wayne Signs Four-Album Deal With Cash Money Records

'I came into the game with Cash Money, and I'm gonna ride it out with my team,' Wayne says on 'Hip Hop POV.'

Cash Money Records plans to drop approximately 16 albums this year, and at least one of them will come from Lil

Wayne, who is currently working on two new LPs. But if there was any worry that Weezy would take his future projects elsewhere, the New Orleans rapper confirms that he recently signed another four-album deal with Cash Money.

During an interview on the debut episode of MTV's "Hip Hop POV," [article id="1682917"]Lil Wayne confirmed[/article] that he's sticking with his team.

"Everybody knows I came into the game at 11 years old with Cash Money Records, before we even had a major deal," Wayne said. "We signed a deal in I don't remember when, and I been with Cash Money ever since. So if you're looking for integrity, I am the definition. If you're looking for a person that's gonna stay down, I am the definition. If you're looking for loyalty, I am just that."

Despite a few tumultuous years, Wayne maintains that all is right in the world of YMCMB. "Trust me, there's been a lot of ups and downs, a lot of downs -- all the down way down if you wanna know," he said. "But I rode it out with my team and I'm gonna ride it out with my team."

I Am Not a Human Being 2, the sequel to Wayne's 2010 release, is the next project on the horizon, and he's also at work on an [article id="1682950"]album called Devol,[/article] which he wrote during his time in prison.

According to Wayne, I Am Not a Human Being 2 will give him the most creative freedom. "Contract-wise, I only get paid for 12 songs.

Maybe on a Carter album, you probably only gonna get 12 songs, maybe a bonus 13," he explained "But on this I Am Not a Human Being thing, I really don't care. ... You're probably gonna get 16 on there.

"The I Am Not a Human Being 2 is more me just being creatively free," he added.

Lil Wayne dropped his most recent album, Tha Carter IV, last summer. By February the album had sold more than 3.5 million copies worldwide.

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