Drake Can't Stop Smiling In This Reunion Pic With His 'Degrassi' Girlfriend

Jimmy and Hazel, together again.

This has been a winning year for "Degrassi: The Next Generation" reunions. In August, Drake (aka the show's Jimmy Brooks) kicked it with Daniel Clark (Sean), Adamo Ruggiero (Marco) and Lauren Collins (Paige) at a Toronto web series premiere. And early Thursday (Dec. 24), he took things a step further: Reuniting with Andrea Lewis, who played Hazel Aden on the show -- also known as Jimmy's one-time flame.

Looks like these two were kinda happy to be together again.

If you haven't gone back and rewatched "Degrassi" in a while, quick refresher: Jimmy and Hazel started dating in Season 3, and lasted until Season 5. They met in detention, and were dating when Jimmy was infamously shot, which ultimately caused tension in their relationship. Things ended because of Jimmy's attraction to Ellie.

OK, I didn't know any of this until about five minutes ago. I have innumerably more tidbits of knowledge about Drake's music than his character's arc on "Degrassi," but I get that this is a big deal, and the Internet is a magical place. And maybe it's time for a "Degrassi" binge, anyways -- 2016 resolution, maybe?

Now, I leave you with a couple wonderful YouTube homages to Jimmy and Hazel's young love.

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