Watch Kristen Stewart Prove She's A Much Better Liar Than Jesse Eisenberg

Turns out, Bella Swan is just a little bit tougher than Lex Luthor.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

In their new movie "American Ultra," Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg play two stoners who get caught up in some major, government conspiracy-level spy games. But the two actors have always seemed uber-chill in real life, so when MTV News caught up with them before the film's release, we just had to find out which star would make the better secret agent IRL.

So, who has killed more human beings (and bugs) outside of work? How would Kristen and Jesse murder interviewer Josh Horowitz, if given the chance? And of course, who can better sell a ridiculous lie? Find out the answers to these questions -- as well as which actor earned a spot in our "Spy Rings, Agents and Spies" -- below:

"American Ultra" hits theaters on August 21.