7 Reasons Why We Love 'Are You The One?'

Plus, hear some exciting news about the hit MTV series!

"Are You the One?" is responsible for one marriage and a beautiful baby, unforgettable romantic connections (god bless the Boom Boom Room) and countless hookups -- and there's more to come, courtesy of the unique and deliciously entertaining matchmaking experiment.

The MTV series -- with the penultimate episode of Season 3 airing tonight (!) before the two-hour finale special next Wednesday -- is going to be back for a fourth installment, the network announced. While there are no juicy details available about S4, we do know that a new batch of singles will be on the quest for their perfect puppet match in a beautiful location. Let the love -- and games -- begin!

In honor of this renewal news, here are seven things we love about the series and can't get enough of when we're watching every week. Read on, and be sure to keep tuning in to "Are You the One?" on Wednesdays at 10/9c!

The athletic sexy competitions

Where else would you see a bunch of bathing-suit clad casties using their body heat to melt a slab of ice with the hopes of winning a getaway date?

The tension in the Truth Booth

Some visit the brightly lit cave more than others (looking at you, TB Queen Kiki), but the chamber gives our love hopefuls so many answers -- and the green, laser-like lights are just a fantastic, magical touch as the pairs await their Honeymoon Suite fate.

The uncontrollable tears

And during Season 2, the gents shed a few of 'em.

The action in the Boom Boom Room


So many have taken advantage of the decked-out private quarters to hook up, but a special mention goes to Simone and JJ: The quirky couple were the first pair in the history of the show to hit the sheets in the BBR.

The stunning Blackouts


Hopes and dreams -- and during Season 3, CASH -- being taken away in a blink of an eye? Simply brutal, after "locking in."

Ryan Devlin giving relationship advice

"Open your hearts!" is a classic, that's for sure.

The happily ever after

Amber and Ethan, enough said.

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