Praise! Beyonce And Michelle Williams Had A Mini-Destiny's Child Reunion On New Year's Eve!

Behold! Beyoncé had a mini-New Year's Eve  reunion with her Destiny's Child sister Michelle Williams at the Versace Mansion in Miami! Now where's Kelly Rowland?!

QUICK! Someone Photoshop Kelly Rowland in to complete the Holy Trinity!

As if Beyoncé dropping her totally unexpected and totally flaw-free fifth album wasn't enough to make 2013 a very special year, the "XO" singer closed out 2013 the way she started it -- with a mini-Destiny’s Child reunion!! That's right, Bey spent New Year's Eve with her DC sister4LYFE Michelle Williams!

Bey and Michelle partied at the Versace Mansion in Miami, and naturally, upon running into each other, the forever-sisters stopped to pose for a quick photo opp/loving embrace!

Honestly, how thrilled are you that Bey and Michelle haven't forgotten their roots? (’Sup, mini-Destiny's Child reunion at last year's Super Bowl halftime show?) In fact, the only thing that could make this photo even better is if Kelly Rowland were there, too!

Actually, we take that back: Seeing all three Destiny's Children in the same photo might be a litttttle too emotionally intense for us so soon after New Year's. Maybe we could compromise by hiring a graphic artist to Photoshop this NYE photo of Kelly into the above image? After all, WE MUST COMPLETE THE HOLY TRINITY.

Photo credit: Mannyuk's Instagram

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