Foo Fighters Fans Are 'People Who Dig Rock Music,' Dave Grohl Says

'There's not one particular demographic,' he tells MTV News during their 'MTV First' premiere of 'Rope.'

The Foo Fighters came to one lucky fan's house Thursday for "MTV First," where they [article id="1659674"]premiered their "Rope" video[/article] and answered questions submitted on Twitter and in person.

When MTV News' James Montgomery asked the band about their fanbase, lead singer Dave Grohl described the diversity of those who fill up stadiums when the band is on tour.

"There's not one particular demographic. It's just people who dig rock music," Dave noted. "When we play gigs, it's a trip to stand there and look at the audience, because there'll be kids, like 5- or 6-year-old kids, and then there'll be like full-on mustache dads. And then there'll be like crazy MILF drunk mamas."

The Foo Fighters certainly treasure their fans, both new and vintage. "We still get new fans and then we still have some that saw Nirvana. So to me it's really awesome, because we wouldn't be here if it weren't for our fans."

As far as what the average Foo Fighters fan may be like, there's certainly a lack of paparazzi stampedes and screaming teenagers.

"I think we have a cool relationship with [our fans]," Dave smiled. "Like when people see us, they don't go, 'Oh my God! It's the Foos!' They'll just be like, 'Hey, Dave, what's up?' and I'm like, 'Do I know that guy?' So I never say, 'It's nice to meet you.' I always say, 'It's nice to see you.' "

Dave also spoke of his recent discovery of a vast and enthusiastic population of Foos fans in South America, when he joined Twitter.

"One of the first things I noticed when I first tweeted is that like 98 percent of the people on Twitter live in Argentina and Brazil," Dave said. "I [tweeted] a picture of the tape machines, and 50 percent of the responses were like, 'Come to Argentina!' 'Come to Brazil!' 'Come to Chile!' "

The South American fans have already made quite an impression on the Foo Fighters. As Dave recalled, "We had this one knob on the mixing deck that we made the 'grunge' knob, so we turned it up to 11 and took a picture of it, and someone from Argentina wrote, 'Never too grungy!' And so that became this catchphrase that we use."

Do you count yourself among the Foo Fighters' eclectic fanbase? Let us know in the comments!

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