Guess Which 'Pretty Little Liar' Just Booked A TrAvel Show?

Who's in the mood for a ShaycAtion?

All of the "Pretty Little Liars" have Instagram accounts that would fill even an A-lister's heart with bitter FOMO, but it's Shay Mitchell who frequently comes out on top when it comes to jaw-dropping pics of her travels in Morocco, Bali and more. So for anyone who's ever thought "man, I wish I was cliff-diving in Bahrain with Shay instead of sitting here at school/work/etc.," know that you're not alone -- Collective Digital Studio announced on Tuesday (May 5) that a digital series called "Shaycation" is officially in the works.

Oh yes. The series will be made by CDS, who presented their latest digital slate for the NewFronts in New York City, and are currently known for their work with YouTubers like Rhett & Link and Lilly Singh. MTV News reached out to reps for CDS and Mitchell for more details, which will surely be coming soon -- and until then, check out some of the awesome videos that Mitchell has already uploaded on her own personal YouTube channel, gaze at her photos with existential longing, and pray that A's reach doesn't extend to East Asia.

UPDATE: CDS contacted MTV News with more details, via release: "'Pretty Little Liars' star Shay Mitchell has built a social media empire across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and now she has one of the fastest growing lifestyle channels on YouTube. In 'Shaycation,' Mitchell makes the perfect travel companion, guiding audiences on explorations to some of the world’s most exotic locations including Belize and the South of France."

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