Will Ferrell Is A Total Bro Santa Claus In Board Shorts

Ho, ho, hooooooooly wow this is terrible.

If you've ever wished that Santa Claus would make himself over in the image of a drunk Guy Fieri, then, uh, congratulations. Your ghastly fantasy has come true!

Thanks to Will Ferrell, the man in the red suit is now a platinum-blond bro with cut-off sleeves, a facial flavor-saver, and a t-shirt cannon from which he dispenses his special brand of holiday cheer.

Oh, and just to mix things up, he'll be sitting on your lap while you whisper your Christmas wishlist in his ear. YAY.

Ferrell debuted the New Santa™ last night (Dec. 16) on "The Tonight Show," to wild applause from the audience. Jimmy Fallon seems dubious, but whatever, he's obviously just a Scrooge.

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