13 Times Taylor Swift And Kendrick Lamar Proved They’re A Musical Match Made In Heaven

You can't deny the awesomeness of this duo.

Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift just showed the world what a powerful duo they are with the release of the "Bad Blood" music video. Yes, it features a lot of ass-kicking and a ton of stars, but hold up. Let's all pause for a moment to celebrate the musical chemistry between K. Dot and T. Swift.

This phenomenal partnership has actually been bubbling for more than a year. Thankfully, we finally got the collab and video we've been waiting for. Now we can't help but want more.

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Taylor Swift

I mean, just look at those two. Musical magic, right?

Before we watch the "Bad Blood" video for the millionth time, we wanted to revisit the history behind the powerful duo that is K. Swift. Here's how they've shown us they've been a match made in heaven this whole time.

Taylor Swift Dances To Kendrick Lamar At The Grammys - January 2014



An early, classic moment in K-Swizzle history.

Taylor Credits Kendrick For Fueling Her Awesomeness - September 2014

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Taylor Swift

"You want to know a trick to immediately go from feeling victimized to feeling awesome?" she told Rolling Stone, talking about Kendrick's "Backseat Freestyle." "This is my go-to...I know every word."

Kendrick Thanks Taylor - September 2014

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Budweiser Made In America Music Festival - Los Angeles - Day 1

"I appreciate Taylor Swift for supporting not only my music but just the hip-hop culture," he told Billboard. "There's really no gap. It's music and it feels good."

Taylor Flawlessly Lip Syncs 'Backseat Freestyle' - November 2014

Damn, she felt amazing.

Kendrick Lamar Covers 'Shake It Off' - November 2014

"I love that song," Dot told Fader. Then, he sang it.

Kendrick Freestyles Over 'Shake It Off' Like A Pro - November 2014

As you can see, his cover wasn't enough. He had to rhyme over the beat, too.

Kendrick Says He'd Like To Work With Tay - January 2015

"As long as the music and the ideas [are good]," he told Billboard. "That would be cool."

Taylor Celebrates Kendrick's TPAB Release - March 2015

We understood.

Then She Celebrated It Again - March 2015

It's one thing to celebrate an album before you hear it, but this post To Pimp A Butterfly photo showed us she really loved K. Dot's music.

Taylor Says Kendrick's Voice Made Her Feel Safe - May 2015

"This past year I moved to New York, and for the first time, I was dealing with dozens of paparazzi outside my place every day," she told Rolling Stone. "At first, I got really anxious every time I'd be about to open the car door. They'd crowd around me and yell. Then one day I put my iPhone on shuffle, and 'Backseat Freestyle' came on. Something about Kendrick's voice and the beat made me feel safe. It was pretty much all I listened to that summer."

They Made A Huge 'Bad Blood' Announcement - May 2015

K. Dot revealed his character's name. Shouts to the real Welven Da Great!

They Released The Amazing 'Bad Blood' Music Video - May 2015

They kicked ass in the process.

We Finally Got What We've Been Waiting For

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Technically, this is part of 12, but the side-by-side scene deserved its own GIF. Perfect.

See? Like we said, match made in musical heaven.

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