Where Did Pharrell Get The Idea For His Grammy Hat? Watch This Classic Hip-Hop Video

Pharrell's Grammy hat is a nod to early hip-hop musician Malcolm McLaren.

Pharrell Williams cleaned up at the 2014 Grammy Award on Sunday night, but it was the multiplatinum producer's [article id="1721140"]hat[/article] that absolutely stole the show.

Skateboard P's big, billowy, brown hat spawned a ton of Twitter jokes and Internet memes, but Williams' fashion faux pas wasn't just meant to shock and awe: Pharrell paid homage to hip-hop's heyday with his headwear. In fact, Willams' entire outfit was mirrored after a b-boy who appeared in Malcolm McLaren and The World's Famous Supreme Team's music video for their 1982 hit "Buffalo Girls."

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Those unfamiliar with the classic hip-hop track may remember Eminem's sampling of the track on his 2002 single "Without Me." It's a deep dig, but one that wasn't lost on Pharrell, who donned the very same red Adidas-style track jacket and hat found in the video below.

Watch Here:

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