Justin Bieber Weighs In On Super Bowl Matchup

While he likes Lil Wayne's 'Green and Yellow' Packers anthem, he isn't rooting for either team.

During Sunday's Super Bowl, we know celebrity fans like Snoop Dogg, Diddy and Wiz Khalifa will be rooting for their beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, and [article id="1657329"]Lil Wayne will be going hard for the Green Bay Packers[/article]. However, there's one superstar who probably won't care either way which team goes home with the shiny Vince Lombardi Trophy: Justin Bieber.

The pop megastar stopped by the MTV Newsroom on Friday (January 4) to chop it up with Sway, and when asked which team he wants to see rule the gridiron Sunday night, the Canadian native admitted that he doesn't have an allegiance to the Packers or Steelers.

"I'm not, like, a fan of either teams," Bieber conceded. He was similarly noncommittal about who he thought might dominate the field, shrugging, "I don't know," when pressed about he thought would win.

The football rivalry hasn't been entirely out of the teen idol's orbit. Bieber dished that he was feeling Wayne's recently released Packers tribute "Green and Yellow."

"Did you hear Lil Wayne's song ... 'Green and Yellow'?" he asked Sway of the New Orleans MC's [article id="1657206"]remix of Khalifa's "Black and Yellow."[/article] "I saw it today and I thought that was pretty cool."

Even with each team heading into the championship face-off with dueling hip-hop anthems, Bieber maintained that the final score card won't faze him.

"Either way, whatever team wins, it's not my team," he said.

While Bieber may not show his sports-fanatic side during the Super Bowl, the "Baby" singer will be seen by millions during the game. The Biebs has teamed up with metal legend [article id="1656785"]Ozzy Osbourne in a futuristic Best Buy ad[/article] that the company said in a statement will "showcase creativity and humor to millions of football and advertising fans throughout the country." Plus, viewers will get an additional dose of Bieber fever when a promo clip for the star's upcoming 3-D movie "Never Say Never" airs during a post-Super Bowl episode of "Glee."

Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments!