See The Penis-Inspired Birthday Gift Miley Cyrus Got From Chelsea Handler

Happy 22nd Birthday!

Miley Cyrus is a really big fan of two things: pot and penises. The two symbols (of fun?) played a major role in the "Adore You" singer's Bangerz tour and, of course, her "Happyland" 22nd birthday party over the weekend.

The festivities went down at LA’s Factory Nightclub, where the neon-lit venue was appropriately decked out in sex toys, paraphernalia and the Holy Grail of pizza birthday cakes.

Exhibit A:

So, naturally, the pop star's good Hollywood friend Chelsea Handler sent her the perfect gift: a giant potted penis.

"Possibly the best gift yet," Miley wrote, hugging her new favorite bush.

We can't quite tell if the plant is made of ganja (probably not) but if it is, then give Handler ALL the awards for Best. Miley Gift. Ever.

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The comedian may have been inspired to send Miley the phallic plant after receiving one herself from Jenny McCarthy back in August.

"This is what my friend Jenny McCarthy thinks is an appropriate thank you gift for being on her radio show," Handler wrote at the time.

Handler has proven to be a huge supporter of Cyrus and her off-kilter style, inviting the musician to perform at her "Chelsea Lately" series finale and showing public support for Miley's efforts to raise funds for homeless youth through My Friends Place.