Rihanna Announces New Album, 'Unapologetic'

The singer made the announcement on Twitter, just five weeks before the album drops.

Rihanna had some big news for her fans on Thursday (October 11). After weeks of rumors and speculation, the "Diamonds" singer confirmed that her new album, titled Unapologetic, will hit stores on November 19.

"My NEW album 'UNAPOLOGETIC' will be released on NOVEMBER 19th WORLDWIDE #Navy," she wrote on Twitter, also sharing the album's cover. On it, Rihanna sports her pixie cut and Isis tat. She's topless as words like "Victory," "Chalice," "Faith" and "Side Effects" are scrolled across her body.

Regarding the very brazen look and title, Rihanna simply had this comment: "#UNAPLOGETIC #ph---yoapologies."

The announcement didn't go off flawlessly, however. After her initial tweet about the announcement, she tweeted out several teases that attempted to send her fans on a scavenger hunt to look for the title on the cover. Her message, "Find the #ALBUMTITLE in #allBLACKeverything on the #COVER," led fans to wonder if the title would be Unapologetic or Side Effects. Those tweets were later scrubbed with Rih Rih then clarifying that she would, in fact, be Unapologetic come November.

Ahead of the announcement, it had been rumored that Rihanna's [article id="1694407"]album title[/article] might have something to do with the number "7" after her label, Universal Music, bought several websites including and Now, though, it seems that number is only tied to the fact that this is her seventh studio album.

Fans have already gotten an idea of what this era of Rihanna sounds like thanks to her [article id="1694433"]single, "Diamonds,"[/article] a slow-churning pop tune about falling in love. "It gives me such a great feeling when I listen to it," she shared about the track when it dropped last month "The lyrics are very hopeful and positive, but it's about love, and the gears are a little different from what people would expect. I'm excited to surprise them sonically."

"Diamonds" also happens to be the name of her [article id="1693402"]2013 world tour[/article]. Around the time she releases the album, Rihanna is set to perform at the [article id="1694810"]Victoria's Secret Fashion Show[/article], which will air on CBS in December. She's been tapped to provide the soundtrack as the brand's Angels strut down the catwalk along with Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars.

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