'Teen Wolf' Poll: Is The Mute Also The Benefactor?

The lipless baddie is raising hell in Beacon Hills -- but who is he?

There's a Beacon Hills baddie on the loose that makes the terrifying Darach-Deucalion-Nogitsune trifecta look like child's play — and not the Chucky kind.

As "Teen Wolf" executive producer Jeff Davis teased before the Season 4 premiere to Access Hollywood, "There's a central, core mystery. It's all based around a hit list that our supernatural creatures find themselves on... we call it a season of assassins and bounty hunters."


But the question on everyone's mind is, who is The Benefactor?

Thank the werewolf Heavens for new pack addition Liam, 'cause it sounds like Scott & Co. have their work cut out for them, especially if The Benefactor is as evil as it sounds. We don't know much about the mysteriously named villain, but we do know it gets its kicks hunting down our friends and building upon greed, money and power.

Don't you wag your finger at us, you lipless lunatic!

One theory surrounding Beacon Hills' latest nightmare centers on The Mute — a hatchet-wielding, mouthless serial killer who wears big black boots and dislikes sharp-toothed, flesh-eating wendigos. He might be the man responsible for the Hale family fortune disappearance, and he also seems to have a strange connection to Lydia (shocker!) — both Creepy McCreeperson and the banshee appear to have an affinity for nonsensical* computer codes.

+ Do you think The Benefactor and the lipless villain are one and the same? Cast your vote, be sure to leave your alternate theories in the comments and catch an all-new episode of "Teen Wolf" on Monday at 10/9c!

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* We're sure it'll make sense soon. It always does... eventually. Sheesh, we've never wanted Monday to come so badly.