Party Like Hodor With This Exclusive Playlist From The 'Game Of Thrones' Actor

He may not be on season 5, but he IS on the dance floor.

By Kat Boehrer

Were you bummed that Hodor was absent from Sunday night's "Game of Thrones" season five premiere? Well, ICYMI, he's ALSO a DJ -- which means you don't have to have a completely Hodor-less year if you're into tunes.

Although his musical career preceded his appearance as the lovable stable boy on the cult HBO TV series, actor Kristian Nairn's work behind the decks has recently been getting worldwide attention. And -- lucky for us -- Nairn shared a few of his favorite tracks with us prior to his big gig last weekend at Ghostbar Nightclub at the Palms in Las Vegas.

In contrast to his newfound international DJ identity, Nairn's musical taste seems to err towards throwback tracks and old-school disco vibes. He’s big on synths and underground sounds, and seems to be inspired by the classic house music that spawned the EDM we know today. Take a listen to the tasty tracks below and read why Nairn hand-chose them to share with the world.

Hole In One, 'Life's Too Short'

“I still love this track. [It has] one of my favorite bass lines ever.”

Dave Hahan, 'Kingdom (Booka Shade Mix)'

“[This song has a] beautiful combination of vocals, synths, and drops.”

Chicken Lips, 'He Not In'

“A classic. It totally changed my DJing soundscape at the time [that it was released].”

Duke, 'So In Love With You (Full Intention Mix)'

“[This is] probably my favorite house track of all time.”

Sylvester, 'Do You Wanna Funk'

“I challenge anyone not to dance to this song. It’s amazing.”

Danny Tenaglia Feat. Celeda, 'Music is the Answer'

“This is a pivotal track for me. It’s my favorite producer and one of my favorite vocalists in perfect harmony.”

Visitor, 'Los Feeling'

“[This song has] the best use of emotional synths I've ever heard, I think. Check out anything you can find from them.”

The Naked and Famous, 'Young Blood'

"This song has been the soundtrack for the last few years of my life. Beautiful."

Frankmusik, '3 Little Words'

“Perfect synth pop. I’m a big fan of Frankmusik.”

Compuphonic, 'The Sun Does Rise'

“[This is] beautiful deep, dark, warm house music. It’s very atmospheric and euphoric on the dance floor.”

James Egbert, 'Jettison'

“This is a great genre crossover track. A little trance, a little electro, a little awesome!”

Haxxy, 'Can’t Stay'

“This track has a lot of elements I love. Synths + piano = winner.”

Marcus Schossow Feat. The Royalties STHLM, 'Lionheart'

“This is the type of music I would want to dance to if I was going to prom in 2015.”

Andy Butler Feat. Richard Kennedy, 'You Can Shine'

“[This is an] amazing house track -- a future classic in the making!”

Joey Negro Feat. Z Factor, 'Keep On Jumpin (Luigi Rocca Mix)'

“I never get sick of this track in any of its incarnations.”

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