Diddy Is 'Like A Mentor' To Ab-Soul

Puff made a guest appearance on Soul's new album 'These Days...'

Listening to Ab-Soul's new album, These Days..., which dropped on Tuesday, there were a few things that surprised us 00 unexpected features, unusual flows -- and an outro by Diddy on the song "Hunnid Stax," featuring Schoolboy Q and an uncredited Mac Miller.

"I met Diddy through Q," Ab-Soul told MTV News. "You know, Q calls himself Puffy, as well. After we exchanged numbers, he just kind of really just became a lot like a mentor to me. So it was just real profound to me to try to get Puffy and Puffy on the same song."

They met in person earlier this year, and from there, the relationship grew. Once the Black Lip Pastor decided to ask Mr. Combs to get on the project, he got something special in return.

"That was a Biggie reference, too," Soul said proudly of the 10-second a cappella vocals that Puff supplied. "That was the end of the 'B.I.G. Interlude' on Life After Death, so that was super profound -- to have Puffy do that for me, to make that reference."

As exciting as the outcome was, that portion of the song almost didn't come to fruition.

"It was one of my last little ideas, which was the cause for the wait," he added. "I turned it in at the top of the year, but, you know, it was a company decision to go back in and tighten it up and expound on it as best as I could, and just make it a masterpiece."

Luckily, These Days... was worth the wait. And not just 'cause of Diddy (though that helped).

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