'On My Block' Season 3 Teases The Identity Of Season 2's Kidnapper

Jamal, Caesar, Monse, and Rudy are all alive, but who's keeping them captive?

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Season 2 of On My Block.

On My Block is officially coming back with what looks to be an absolutely dynamite third season.

Netflix premiered the first Season 3 teaser on Tuesday (February 18), revealing what happened to Jamal, Caesar, Monse, and Rudy by the end of the second season.

It's been around a year since we were left reeling with a massive cliffhanger, but now it seems there are indeed answers at the end of the road – and a release date for Season 3, which is set to debut a lot sooner than many of us may have guessed.

The short teaser opened with an ominous shot of a butler cleaning off what appears to be a very sharp kitchen knife, clad in a white glove, of course. We get a quick tour through what appears to be a palatial home, and eventually we come face to face with four figures in black hoods: the captives we've all been worried about.

Their hoods are all removed, and we find out that the On My Block crew are alive and well, if scared out of their minds. But who's responsible for such a crime? All signs pointing to viewers finding out at some point during this season, even though there aren't many clues at present.

But even though there's a serious abduction going on and real concern for the cast's safety, there's still plenty of room for humor in the storytelling. That's part of the show's overall charm though, after all.

On My Block is ready to deliver humor, intrigue, and the drama we've all been craving when the third season finally lands on Netflix next month. Then, we'll get a glimpse at who kidnapped Caesar, Jamal, Monse, and Rudy once and for all as the series hits on March 11.