Sick Of Cliché Inspirational Videos? This Parody Understands Your Pain

The inspirational vids on your newsfeed got nothin' on this spoof.

By Brittney McKenna

How many times have you watched an "inspirational video" only to wonder what exactly it was supposed to inspire you to do? (It's probably about the same number of times you've seen someone post "Live. Laugh. Love." as their Facebook status.)

With cheesy music, scenic locales and every trick you learned in Speech 101, they are the video equivalent of a Hallmark card. Humor channel Nacho Punch perfectly lampoons the genre in a two-minute spoof below.

Actor Peter Gilroy begins, "Did you know the average person spends a year of his life watching inspirational YouTube videos without actually making a difference?"

Nacho Punch pokes fun at several trademarks of inspirational videos, including...

Over-the-top speaking voices: "The average person will believe what I'm saying because I talk in a cadence that sounds thought out and factual, when in the actual, it has no meaning."

A love for all things analog: "And books. Remember these? Like, they look kind of familiar, but like I'm not quite sure?"

Glossing over hot-button issues: "Cop brutality, transgender, and the internet? Aren't those also topics that I should probably hit on too?"

Rhyming tricks: "Rip trip and grip dip, put the chip clip on the nip slip"

It's pretty funny stuff. We think the spoof mayyy be loosely based on Prince EA's "Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?" viral video from 2014. But if there's a lesson to be learned from both videos, it's that stepping away from the computer every now and then is a good thing.

It just might save you from having to watch another inspirational video, after all.

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