So North West’s Choices For Her New Puppy’s Name Are Creative

Peaches *and* Jesus?!

Kim Kardashian is still struggling with what to call daughter North West's new puppy, but she's got a list of finalists — and they're definitely not your typical options for pet names, that's for sure.

For North's fourth birthday, Kim and Kanye West gave her a teeny, tiny snowball of a pooch, and they've been crowdsourcing suggestions for its name. While those options are great and all, North came up with a few choices of her own, and she's considering naming her pup Baby Jesus, among other things.

Is Peachy Pop a throw to her mom's fave emoji?! (Probably not, but that'd be hilarious if so.) Goldie's got a great ring to it, considering how her cousin, Penelope Disick, named the puppy's sister Honey — but Kim's bestie, Jonathan Cheban, offered up a solid pick, too.

(Only thing is Blondie's a band, but we'll let that slide.) Honestly, the idea of North chasing Baby Jesus around the Kardashian-West house is kind of the best, so let's hope that she picks a name for her pride and joy stat.