Drake Is The Real Champagne Papi After Breaking A 'Billboard' Record

He popped bottles on Instagram to celebrate

Drake can take off his beard and hang it in the rafters now, at any point, and go down as a legend in music. Over the years, he's achieved his fair share of accolades, but his latest has to feel the best — and the most special since he's now the only person in history to do it. He has surpassed the Glee cast to have the most career titles on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart.

Over the years, Drake has appeared on 208 songs. The entire Glee cast had 207 and held the previous record. But Billboard has confirmed that Drake's 208th appearance has snatched the accolade from them. He can thank his new feature on Lil Yachty's "Oprah's Bank Account," that also has a scene-stealing verse from DaBaby, for that.

To celebrate the news, Drake popped some champagne on his Instagram story and tagged Billboard. The brief clip features surreal floating bottles around him, shooting money once they're uncorked as he gets hype for his new record. Champagne Papi, indeed.

Do you ever wonder if Drake has Billboard record-breaking fatigue? Previously, in 2018, he set the new record for most songs on the chart in a single week with 27 tunes. This guy is simply unstoppable.

If recent release signs are any indicator, Drake's sure to take over the charts yet again sometime soon. He recently released "Life Is Good" with Future, leading to the speculation that the two are preparing to release a follow-up to their 2015 project, What a Time to Be Alive. Then there's also the fact that Drake told the world that he was in "album mode" on Instagram last June.

Whatever's coming next, keep your notifications on. Drake's bound to break another record or two.

Check out Drake's bottle-popping celebratory clip up above.