Kristen Bell Shaved Dax Shepard's Butt For His Big Nude Debut

Only one woman can tame the butt werewolf.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are my favorite, faaaavorite celebrity couple, and this? Right here? This is why.

Shepard was on "Conan" Monday to talk about his role in "This Is Where I Leave You" -- a film in which, in case you didn't know, he appears completely naked. And in addition to doing squats and lunges in an attempt to combat the effects of "tall white guy syndrome" (better known in some circles as "pancake manbutt"), the actor also struggled with the question of what to do with what Andy Richter described as the "forest in the valley," and what Dax himself called "a werewolf trying to escape my buttcrack."

That's where Kristen Bell came in: with a pair of generic drugstore hair clippers, which she wielded with great affection while singing -- get this -- "Funky Town."

Seriously, is there any celebrity pair cuter than these two? It's not even about the butt-shaving, specifically; they just seem to have so much trust, and it's really very sweet.

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