Eminem Fans Now Have A Reason To Get Excited For Apple Music

Slim Shady will be Zane Lowe's first guest.

Eminem fans are you ready for a new and exclusive interview with your rap god? Of course you are.

Slim Shady is scheduled to be Zane Lowe's first guest on his new radio program for Apple Music's Beats 1, which sees its launch on June 30. Lowe announced the news on Twitter late last night.

On Thursday (June 25), Lowe told The New York Times that he hopes Beats 1 will give us all #FOMO.

“Everyone keeps going to their devices because of fear of missing out,” he said. “I’m constantly going on Instagram, Twitter, wondering what’s going on in my friends’ lives. What am I missing? I want that for radio. What’s on right now, right now, that I didn’t know I wanted to listen to?”

Eminem fans might have a fear of missing out with this interview. After all, Lowe's 2013 Q&A with Slim - as part of BBC Radio 1 - was a four-part chat about everything from his creative process to his challenges with fame. Here's a look at that conversation:

In Part 1, Eminem Discussed His Growth Between MMLP And MMLP2

In Part 2, Slim Talked About His Struggles With Fame

In Part 3, Em Spoke About Working With Kendrick Lamar On MMLP2

In Part 4, Eminem Talked About Why He'll Always Write Songs

No word yet on when the Eminem interview is set to air. But as stated, Apple Music launches June 30.

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