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Has Edgar Wright Revealed Ant-Man's Identity?

Paul Rudd plays the shrinking superhero in the 2015 Marvel movie, but the character's secret identity remains unknown.

With [article id="1719371"]Paul Rudd locked in for the lead role[/article], the big [article id="1719357"]"Ant-Man"[/article] question has changed. It's no longer worth wondering who will play Ant-Man -- instead, the question becomes, which Ant-Man is Rudd playing?

In Marvel Comics lore, numerous characters have assumed the Ant-Man identity for a variety of reasons. Hank Pym is the first and arguably best-known version of Ant-Man; he's a scientist and the creator of "Pym particles," the technology responsible for Ant-Man's size-changing abilities. Then there's Scott Lang, a petty thief who steals money for his sick daughter. After stealing the Ant-Man suit, Lang drifts back to the side of the angels, and continues the legacy of the super-shrinking hero.

(There's also Eric O'Grady to consider, but creative minds behind "Ant-Man" have strongly suggested that the "irredeemable" O'Grady won't be the star of the film.)

Fandom seems divided on whether the star of "Ant-Man" is Pym or Lang, with Marvel and director Edgar Wright keeping their collective mouths sealed on the subject. But perhaps Wright has revealed the answer at last.

Over on his blog, Wright has posted a cartoon image of Ant-Man's helmet, accompanied by a single word: "Homework." According to, the image comes from an episode of the animated series "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes," titled "To Steal an Ant-Man." The episode focuses on Scott Lang and his struggle between the right and wrong sides of the law, ultimately ending with him fully in place as the all-new, Pym-approved Ant-Man.

Given where the image comes from, can we take Wright's "Homework" post as confirmation that Scott Lang is the Ant-Man of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Or is Wright just having some fun with an understandably eager fan-base? Read into the situation however you like; either way, expect some official confirmation from Wright and Marvel in the coming months, as they inch closer and closer to the start of production.

"Ant-Man" shrinks onto the big-screen on July 31, 2015.

Which Ant-Man do you expect to see: Hank Pym or Scott Lang?