Green Day Ready Singles Set

Trio working on new material for possible inclusion on as-yet-unscheduled release.

The Green Day guys are taking some time off the road, but they're not taking a vacation. The band has been working in Los Angeles on new material, some of which may make it onto a singles collection they hope to deliver this fall.

"I look at singles collections and think, that's something people put out when they're 40," said bassist Mike Dirnt, 29. "But we've got like 20 singles already."

Dirnt said the collection — "which has a really cool, funny title I'm not allowed to tell right now" — will likely include a couple of new tracks. The trio, which also includes singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and drummer Tre Cool, have been rehearsing during a two-week break from their summer tour, which resumes July 20 in Santa Barbara, California (see [article id="1444596"]"Green Day Live: Crowd Picks Set List, Bizkit Booed, Ramones Covered"[/article]).

"We just want to go pound out some kick-you-in-the-balls-type tunes," Dirnt said. That might come as a surprise after the success of 2000's Warning, which featured acoustic guitars and more mature lyrical themes than their earlier albums did. Dirnt, however, said initial reports of the band's mellowing were greatly exaggerated.

"When Warning came out, I heard it was softer. But now people tell me how much they love that we played acoustic guitars like electrics and that the album's sound was clearer," he said.

No track list has been set for the singles collection, though Dirnt said it likely will run the gamut from hits such as "Longview" and "Welcome to Paradise," off the band's 1994 breakthrough Dookie, through the singles "Minority" and "Warning" from its latest album.

"People sometimes tell me they don't know our music," he said of the band's string of hits. "I tell them, first of all, I don't expect you to. Second of all, you probably do."

Dirnt pointed to the band's longevity as a source of pride. "We're not the flavor of the month anymore," he said. "We're like mint chip. You might have 31 flavors, but you've gotta have the green one with the chocolate."

No release date has been set for the album, according to the band's management.