Move Over, Kanye West — Katy Perry Is Designing Shoes Now

Coming to your feet in 2017

Somehow, we made it to the year 2016 without a single piece of clothing designed by Katy Perry. We’ve been blessed with accessories, lipsticks, and perfumes aplenty, but no actual, y’know, wardrobe staples.

Well, that’s all gonna change in 2017 — Katy is giving us a shoe line.

Katy told WWD, “It’s been a creative goal of mine to be a real contributor in the affordable fashion space. Launching a footwear collection felt like a natural first step for me.” While it’s unclear whether Katy deliberately made that pun, the lucite she’s incorporating into the line will def be clear. There will also be vinyl, and metallic and floral prints.

The collection will range from $59 to $299 and drop next spring, which means you have time to make room for hella lucite in your closet.

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