Is Zack A 'Liar' Who's Just Using JWOWW On 'Jersey Shore'?

Angelina's grandma certainly thinks so

Angelina's "batsh*t crazy" grandma has been pretty spot-on in the past when it comes to JWOWW's relationships... but could she be right about her newest "boy toy"?

Tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation gave us a glimpse of Angelina's genetics -- namely, where she might have inherited her lack of a filter outspoken nature. During a shocking phone call, Ang's grandma disclosed her honest thoughts on Jenni's boyfriend Zack and advised the mother of two to be on her guard.

"He's not truthful, and he's a liar," the matriarch said. "He just wants publicity. He is a user."


As it turns out, Angelina's "psychic" elder -- who previously predicted Jenni's divorce from Roger -- has extensive experience in the dating department. "I went out with bad boys. I went out with gangsters. Let me tell you something: I would rather suck on a banana. It's healthier. Because d*ck, it's too f*cking dirty."

Evidence of what could be viewed as a shady request came about later when Zack arrived at the Shore house to pick up Jenni. The man once known as "24" got grilled by met Mike for the first time, and a somewhat awkward discussion quickly morphed into talk of Zack's wrestling career.

"I would love Jenni to come out and do a show with me, but she won't do it," JWOWW's boyfriend said. "Would you do it if [the roommates] could do it with you?"

While Jenni seemed less than interested, Angelina -- who actually has her own history with Zack -- was skeptical about the whole idea.

"Zack thinks that Jenni should wrestle in the ring with him and stuff. At first, I'm like, 'Yeah, yeah, go with it,' and then, all of a sudden, I think about what my grandmother said today," said the "dirty little hamster." "Zack is using Jenni, and he's not a good guy. Ding, ding, ding! Grandma is right again."

Could Grandma be on to something? Give us your psychic predictions, then catch an all-new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Thursday at 8/7c.

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