Skid Row Just Another Ozone Monday

The members of Skid Row, sans singer Sebastian Bach, are now called Ozone Monday. The band -- bassist Rachel Bolan, guitarists Scotti Hill and Dave "Snake" Sabo, and drummer Rob Affuso -- with new vocalist/guitarist Shawn McCabe, made a surreptitious debut Thursday at a Port Jefferson, Long Island nightclub and on Friday at Birch Hill in Old Bridge, New Jersey. The unannounced shows featured no Skid Row material.

While the music was apparently rockier than expected -- band members had been using groups like Cheap Trick and Oasis as comparative examples before their debut -- by all reports Ozone Monday offered up a more modern pop-oriented sound than their predecessor.

Sources close to the band say that that Ozone Monday is expected to release an album later this year with veteran producer Michael Wagener (Skid Row's debut and "Slave to the Grind," Dokken, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, Prunella Scales, others) at the controls. Their label status is still up in

the air.

Atlantic, however, will be releasing a best of album later this year, reportedly called "Forty Seasons: The Best Of Skid Row." The track listing is said to include "Youth Gone Wild," "18 and Life," "Piece of Me," "I Remember You," "The Threat," "Psycho Love," "Monkey Business," "Quicksand Jesus," "Slave To The Grind"; remixes of "Into Another," "My Enemy," "Breaking Down"; demo versions of "Frozen," "Fire In The Hole" and a live version of "Beat Yourself Blind" and the previously unreleased "Forever.

Meanwhile Bach is keeping busy. Earlier this month he was in Electric Ladyland Studios in New York for a few days, working on a solo album with two members of his solo band, guitarist Richie Scarlett and bassist Larry (just Larry), along with Letterman drummer Anton Fig. Following the sessions, Bach flew to L.A. to film a movie called "Point Doom" with Richard Grieco, Angie Everhart, Andrew Dice Clay and John Enos. According to Bach, he plays a coke dealer named


The singer is scheduled to resume his extensive solo tour May 18 in Cincinnati.

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