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'Twilight' And The Future: Where Do We Go Next?

Director Bill Condon and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg consider where to take 'Twilight' past 'Breaking Dawn.'

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" is now in theaters, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Stephenie Meyer's supernatural romance series is at an end. Indeed, many fans hope and believe that there are more "Twilight" stories to tell beyond the end credits of "Breaking Dawn" -- and they're not alone.

Speaking with MTV News, "Breaking Dawn" director Bill Condon said that he sees plenty of ways that "Twilight" can continue on, but it needs to happen without the series' current leads.

"Maybe put Bella and Edward's story to bed," he suggested, "but it does seem to me that there's a way where that whole universe that only gets hinted at in this movie could be further explored."

Condon's thoughts on the future of "Twilight" date back to the earliest stages of his time on "Breaking Dawn." "When you take that final book, and all the vampires are getting introduced, it's so hard to give them each their due. And they all have great back stories," said Condon. "I suggested early [to Summit] that we get new filmmakers each to do something for the DVD, a film about each one of them."

That plan never came to pass, sadly, and that ship has seemingly sailed -- for Condon, at least. "I think my time is over," he said when asked if he would have a future with "Twilight" beyond "Breaking Dawn."

But Condon isn't the only person in the "Twilight" family who sees ways to expand the story. Melissa Rosenberg, the writer behind the "Twilight" films, thinks the Meyer-created world is particularly well-suited for television.

"You could absolutely do a TV series with any one of these characters," she said. But Rosenberg added a caveat: "You would have to choose your time [wisely], because the airwaves are pretty saturated with vampires ... unless, of course, you did another aspect of the story and focused on wolves or something."

Though Rosenberg has not yet been approached for further work in the "Twilight" universe, the writer said she would happily engage that "rich mythology" again if asked.

"I've loved playing in this world," she said. "It's been a real blessing. It's been fun and satisfying. I would absolutely be interested in talking with Stephenie about any direction she wanted to go in."

But that's the kicker: without Meyer's express say-so, nothing more will happen with "Twilight," Rosenberg said.

"I think it's really all dependent on Stephenie and what she decides," said the writer. "And from what I understand, she's still weighing all of that. I don't think anything happens on the 'Twilight' franchise unless Stephenie is on board."

Do you want to see more from the "Twilight" series, or is now the time to put it to rest? Let us know in the comments section below!

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