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SZA And Justin Timberlake Are Passionate About Platinum In 'The Other Side'

The 'Trolls World Tour' song gets a glittery vid

Step out onto the dance floor! SZA and Justin Timberlake have dropped a ridiculously platinum new video for their new feel-good collab, "The Other Side," straight from the forthcoming Trolls World Tour film. I hope you like futuristic reflective landscapes. You'll be seeing a lot of them.

"The Other Side" is a shimmering, disco-ed out fountain of happiness. It wants you to keep your head to the sky so you can smile at the sun once the clouds break; all the while, its glamorous funk shakes your shoulders and taps your platform shoes on the floor. The charismatic, upbeat duet kicks off with SZA's realization that while someone's life may look better through 15 filters and carefully curated snapshots, it's important to stay the course because yours will get just as awesome. All you have to do is stay positive and realize how valuable you are. As SZA sings, "But the grass ain't always greener on the other side."

In the accompanying video, SZA and Timberlake have some fun in a magnificent platinum land, spinning around on mechanisms while everything around them shines bright enough to the point that they should be wearing sunglasses. SZA switches her hairstyles and gets her groove on to match JT's similar leg-jittering madness. With camera tricks galore and some equally hyped-up backup dancers, this other side of reality looks like the place to be. But that's at odds with what the song means. Enjoy your surroundings now and they'll be more enjoyable than this silver space in no time.

Trolls World Tour, the sequel to 2016's Trolls is set to hit theaters on April 17. Timberlake has returned as the soundtrack's executive producer; his song "Can't Stop the Feeling" from Trolls won the Grammy for Best Song Written for Visual Media and earned an Academy Award nomination for "Best Original Song." In addition to SZA, the Trolls World Tour soundtrack is set to include Anderson .Paak, Kelly Clarkson, and more.

Check out SZA and Justin Timberlake's epic "The Other Side" video up above.