Jennifer Lopez's 'On The Floor' Will Be 'A Big One,' Producer RedOne Predicts

Lady Gaga collaborator calls new 'American Idol' judge 'a true artist.'

Jennifer Lopez might be a [article id="1656185"]new judge on "American Idol,"[/article] but let's not forget she's also a pop star. For her new club banger, [article id="1656129"]"On the Floor,"[/article] J.Lo teamed up with Pitbull and red-hot producer RedOne. The producer tells MTV News that for his work with the singer, he thought big. Let's face it: With J.Lo, you have to go big or go home.

"I love J.Lo. I've always been a big fan. She's a true star. They

asked me to work with her and I was like, 'Absolutely,' " he

explained. "She's one of those that I've always admired. What she's

done with the music and film and everything, she's a true artist

-- a 360 artist.

"It was natural for me to get into the studio with her," he continued.

"I'm excited about J.Lo's 'On the Floor.'... It's getting the most

incredible reaction. I'm happy for her."

RedOne knew that if he was going to make a smash for the star, there

would be several elements involved: dance, parties and her Latina

heritage. He hoped to capture it all on the club-ready track, which

samples Kaoma's worldwide hit "Lambada," and definitely has a Latin


"She's a dancer. She can sing. I was really amazed, and I had so much

fun working with her," he gushed. "Her energy and everything about her

is a star, and it was natural for me to do what we did.

"Of course, she's global: She's a global artist," he continued. "She's

a global actress, and the music has to be global, and the rhythmic

side of it or the Latin and this thing of a dancer [all has to be


"She said, 'I want to dance. I want to make people dance and be able

to sing with me.' That's what we did, and it feels good. I think we're

going to have a big one."

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