'Boy Meets World' Creator Teases Matthew Lawrence's Emotional 'Girl Meets World' Episode

Jack Hunter is back!

The last time we saw Jack Hunter, he and his six percent body fat had just joined the Peace Corps. Now, "Boy Meets World" fans will finally know what Jack his been up to these past 15 years when Matthew Lawrence reprises his role on an upcoming season two episode of "Girl Meets World."

"Jack and Eric come to the girls' middle school semi-formal through a very believable circumstance, and that's where Jack Hunter meets Riley Matthews," Michael Jacobs told MTV News on Friday at the ATX Television Festival. "He doesn't know that she's Cory's daughter, but his realization that this can happen in life, that Cory and Topanga can have a creature such as this, changes him. It's a lovely episode."

Seeing how Jack grew up in New York City, it's not surprising to hear that he's back in the Big Apple. However, it is a little upsetting to think about how Jack has become so detached from his college crew. Then again, it's also pretty believable. We just hope he and Eric can rekindle their bromance.

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Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) added a little more color to Jack's current state, telling MTV News that Jack is now "a powerful business man."

"He's back in a different carnation than we last saw him," Savage said. "I love having everyone back on set, including Matt. It's kind of like having all of my old brothers back on set. It's a really meaningful thing for me."

Lawrence is the latest in a string of "Boy Meets World" cast members who have reprised their roles since "Girl Meets World" premiered. After a memorable episode last season, Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter) has an expanded role in season two, and Will Friedle (Eric) has also been a popular recurring character this season. In a few weeks, Trina McGee (Angela) will also make her anticipated return. But these reunions aren't just fan service for Jacobs.

"We decided in the writers' room that the theme of the first season was going to be friendship. Let's first establish the friendship between Riley and Maya, let's get to know them and their choices for who their friends are. And if the audience can embrace that, and then the choices, we can open up this world," Jacobs said. "Riley and Maya, who the audience has now embraced, are the audience surrogates to meet what happened to the characters on 'Boy Meets World.' Their reactions to them, and what their lives are like, are doubly interesting for the audience because they already like the girls and now they're seeing not only their own reactions to the old core cast, but the girls' reactions as well."

That being said, Jacobs promised that he's "only just begun" telling this story. "I will bring in the bulk of the 'Boy Meets World' cast," he said, "but then I will incorporate that cast into the lives of these girls."