Zach Talks His Infamous 'Swamp Donkey' Comment In This 'Challenge' Reunion Sneak Peek

And the 'Battle of the Seasons' champ isn't exactly apologizing.

Nail-biting elimination finishes, tense nomination ceremonies and a shocking Dome vote aside, one seemingly innocent bedroom conversation between "Challenge" guys Zach, Johnny Reilly and Jordan sparked quite a bit of chatter. And you betcha the dishfest about the women in the house -- or according to Jonna's former boyfriend, "swamp donkeys" -- was mentioned at the "Battle of Exes 2" reunion special. But let's rewind for a minute and rehash what the dudes said during the candid chat:

Zach: "Women were created from the men. He took a rib...God took a rib out of Adam to create Eve. So they are made to be...

Jordan: "Inferior."

Zach: "Are we supposed to honor them? Yes. These aren't our wives. These are f**king swamp donkeys."


Now that the "Battle of the Seasons" champ has watched it for himself, what does he make of his horse comment?

"I just think I threw two fun words together," the Thor lookalike admits in the sneak peek from tonight's show, below. "I've heard it but haven't looked it up on Urban Dictionary or anything." (Here's the UD definition, in case you're interested, Z.)

But what does he, as well as the "Real World: Portland" alum, have to say about their women being inferior to men comment? Watch the clip below, and be sure to catch the "Battle of the Exes 2" finale extravaganza starting tonight at 9/8c with the "S#!t They Should Have Shown" special. Then see who will join the illustrious winners circle at 10/9c, and tune in for the juicy reunion special at 11/10c!

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