George Clooney Is Lord Hollywood In The New ‘Downton Abbey’ Sketch—Watch

Strange things are happening in the Abbey.

"Downton Abbey" is taking "A Christmas Carol" turn in it's new charity ITV sketch starring actor George Clooney.

Robert Crawley, our Earl of Grantham, takes the place of bitter old miser Ebenezer Scrooge in the clip. He's taken on a past, present and future trip through an England without him after losing the family's fortune and musing, "Frankly, it be be better if I had never been born."

Clooney appears in the skit to take Crawley's place as the new Earl in the Abbey and Cora's husband, "the honorable George Oceans Gravity, marquis of Hollywood."

Gotta love that title though.

George turns up the charm as Lord Hollywood, much to Crawley's chagrin.

Clooney filmed the short for U.K. network ITV's Text Santa campaign, a Christmas charity that raises awareness for a variety of charities, including Marie Curie Cancer Care and Alzheimer’s Society. He also managed to take an adorable selfie with the cast during filming. Awww, now that's honorable.

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