'Ex On The Beach' 'Roller Coaster': Will Mark Stick With Elena -- Or Move On To Aubrey?

The 'Big Brother' alum says he wants to restart his 'next' -- but seems stuck on his ex

Mark may have had a "googly smile" for Aubrey -- but his grin was turned upside down when his ex Elena showed up. Yeah, "oh no" is accurate, Mark (even though you knew you were coming on MTV's Ex on the Beach).

Anyway! During tonight's Season 3 premiere of the relationsh*t show, the former Big Brother couple was reunited in Malibu. Elena's unexpected arrival (Mark is a single, so he was there a bit earlier) unfolded right in the middle of his date with Aubrey, because this is Ex on the Beach.

But before Mark was blindsided by his ex, he confessed he "definitely liked" the Making the Band veteran -- but he also couldn't stop talking about Elena to all of his fellow cast members.

"I told her point blank the weekend before Valentine's Day we're done," he recounted to Kenya, Geles and Cameron. "So then I got on Tinder right after, and so she wanted to come over on Valentine's Day to talk. So she said, 'Mark, I'm not leaving this house because that's not what you do when you love somebody -- you just fight through it.' I'm like, 'Okay, well, I slept with somebody last night.' She wasn't going to leave!"

Elena's take?

"Our relationship is what I like to call an emotional roller coaster," she revealed. "Mark wanted some time alone with his thoughts, but apparently also some time alone with a girl from a dating app. We were not on a break. It was not a break. There was no break!"


Was it a break, Elena?

Anyway. Elena "absolutely still loves Mark," and she believes he feels the same way about her.

We'll get to him in a second, but first, Aubrey's opinion? Before she realized Elena wasn't their waitress (bless Aubrey!), the singer admitted she felt like a counselor for the troubled BB sweethearts.

However, after the trio was free back in the house with everyone else, Mark expressed to Aubrey that he was enjoying himself and that they could maybe have another first date.

And the next day, when Mark and Elena isolated themselves to have a more composed chat, Aubrey shouted, "You better not be getting heavy over there!" When he confessed he didn't want to deal with their problems in that moment, Elena wanted to find out if he still loved her.

"I just want to have a friendship with you and then see what happens," he told her. Yeahhh, not the same thing...


Anyway, he had no desire to "deal with this sh*t right now" and said they could discuss it later. But what he was really felling wasn't so simple, as he explained in a private interview.

"I want to learn to cut my ex and just move on to my next, but because I'm addicted to chaos, I'm a little mess in the head, the emotions from Elena I can't separate myself from," he stated.

Well, the three of them are under the same beachy roof for now (even though Elena predicts she won't be there long). So which lady will Mark gravitate toward: Elena or Aubrey? His ex or his next? Give your predictions, and don't miss this love triangle next Tuesday on Ex on the Beach at 8/7c.

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