How To Incorporate Your BB-8 Obsession Into Your Everyday Life

We've got the merch you've been looking for.

BB-8, the self-described "cutest droid in the universe" (that's how he introduces himself to everyone), is the droid we've been looking for. No, seriously. We just saw "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and now we need ALL of the BB-8 merch.

The adorably spherical droid rolled, ever so clumsily, into our lives in Jakku -- and irrevocably changed them forever. Now, we'll surely go broke trying to get our hands on every bit of BB-8 merchandise available in the galaxy. But! It will be so worth it.

A purse to stash all of your classified information.

Elizabeth Ribuffo/MTV News


If you're harboring some top-secret intel, and you don't have a cool panel to stash it in, then this mini-dome bag -- and the matching wallet for all of you galactic credits -- is for you.

A hat to keep your antennas ears warm.

Elizabeth Ribuffo/MTV News


Stylish (more like BaeBae-8, amirite?) and warm (fuzzy!), this knit hat serves as a sophisticated accessory that says, "Hey, I'm a COOL mom." Or, you know, pair it with your favorite Chicago Bears jersey and you're good to go.

A friend to keep you from falling into a dark chasm of loneliness.

Elizabeth Ribuffo/MTV News


People went absolutely insane for this BB-8 Sphero toy the minute it was released. As Vulture's Kyle Buchanan put it, "The New Star Wars BB-8 Toy Is So Cute, I Nearly Lost My Mind." Priced at $150, this little guy may not be for everyone, but if you want to pretend you're Poe Dameron, then you're going to need your right hand droid.

A cap for those low-key days.

Elizabeth Ribuffo/MTV News


Who needs dry shampoo when you have this shiny cap to cover up those tresses? Even R2-D2 would rock this look.

A dress for the casual cosplayer.

Elizabeth Ribuffo/MTV News


Be your best BB-8 in this skater style dress. It's discreet and chic.

Sometimes, business attire can also be space attire.

Elizabeth Ribuffo/MTV News


Some days, you wake up and you say to yourself, "I want to look like an off-duty X-Wing pilot." So you put your BB-8 bomber jacket over your BB-muscle top and you live your damn life. Just think: W.W.P.D.D. (aka What Would Poe Dameron Do?)

A BB-8 for every inch of your desk.

Elizabeth Ribuffo/MTV News


If you wanted to, you could have a BB-8 for every day of the week. Just try not to get too overwhelmed by all of the options.