Travis Scott Has No Beef With J. Cole Or Chance The Rapper -- He Just Wants You To Rage At His Show

Is that asking too much?

If you've ever been to a Travi$ Scott show, you were either trying your best to avoid the mosh pit close to the stage, or you were just all in. The Houston native is currently on his Rodeo Tour with Young Thug, and theres rarely a dull moment when they're on stage.

During a recent stop in Chicago, he told the crowd he felt like he was "at a motherf–kin’ J. Cole concert or a Chance the Rapper type of concert," because they weren't energetic enough, but he didn't mean any disrespect by it.

“It’s not that I dislike J. Cole or Chance – I know both of them. I wasn’t speaking about it in a negative way," La Flame told MTV News. "It’s just like, I go to those type of shows and sh-t and it’s not bad, it’s good for them. But at a Travi$ Scott show—it’s none of that. We don’t sit there. We don’t preach to our kids. It’s all about the raging and the vibe and expression.”

He's not joking about the raging. During his show at Webster Hall in New York last week, one of his fans threw up (on my arm) and got right back to it, without missing a beat.

“It extends from the rodeo based out of Houston," he explained, of his inspiration for the show. "I wanted to make something similar to that, as far as the animals. I just wanted to bring the kids alive and turn them f--kers into animals and create a real live circus with the kids like a playground."

Although he doesn't expect every single moment of a show to be over-the-top intense, he does have high standards for his fans.

"[There are] people who stand there and rap every word but are just focused on me. [But] my whole thing about that is, I don’t wanna see you looking at me man. I make music for you to close your eyes and express how you’re feeling, because there’s only a certain amount of seconds and minutes and hours that you can go crazy, because once you get back in the streets the cops gon’ be back on you."

Got that kids? Rage on, and rage hard.

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