Miley Cyrus Instagrams James Franco's Face Again Because Sure, Why Not?

Plus, she plays dress-up with little sister Noah.

Today in "Miley Cyrus' Instagram Watch" [pause for gripping theme music], there's been a distinct drop in topless shower selfies. Please plan your commute accordingly.

Making a comeback to the "Adore You" singer's handle, though? Psychedelically enhanced James Franco selfies, which have been absent from @mileycyrus for almost a full month now.

[image src="wp-attachment://1848263" title="Miley Cyrus, James Franco" alt="Miley Cyrus, James Franco"]

Is this, like, Miley Cyrus' masterpiece or something? Like, her acting and singing pay the bills, but what she really wants to do is Photoshop some sequin bows and kitty whiskers onto the actor's face? Who knows, perhaps that James Franco selfie is the most beautiful thing Miley's ever seen?

Her ARTPOP could mean anything.

Moving on, Miley also whipped out what looks to be an at-home green screen (WANT) for a mini-photo shoot with her little sister, Noah.

The younger of the two Cyruses (Cyrii??) donned a literal, leopard-print catsuit complete with ears and a tail, while her big sis rocked an orange one-piece with white, chunky, Spice Girls-esque platform shoes.


Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus

Welp, I've got my sensible day looks planned for the rest of the week.

Let's pop over to Noah's Instagram feed to see the fruits of their labor: an altered visual that transports the Cyrus sibs off to a rainbow wonderland.


Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus

Something tells me that this is what Lisa Frank sees when she closes her eyes.

And so concludes today's "Miley Cyrus Instagram Watch." Why did she partake in any of these super-trippy, James Franco-related Instagram activities? Literally, no clue, but I feel like the lyrics to Bangerz track "Do My Thang" might offer some insight...

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